Sunday, April 22, 2007

Leaving Animation Mentor for a while

Well... it has been a hard decision, but I will leave AM for a while to deal with all that moving to California implies. So many things are going on in my life right now that I can not put my 100% on the assignments so I decided it was best if I just concentrate now on my big change and then continue with my short film.


Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best with you're move over to California, and I hope we'll see you back over in AM within a few terms. Good luck!
- Iest

Hector said...

Will definitely miss seeing your work every week, best of luck with everything. Its definitely a wise decision. See you around!

manfred said...

I wish you and your family all the best Ares!

Go for some crazy times at DW!!

Kris Staber said...


cheer up man !

yeah its a big move

but you will have ultra cool times at DW
loads of good character animators !
loads of great people

and i am very shure that your family will like it in california aswell

i mean hey !
they have an austrian governator !

Lloyd said...

Buena Suerte en California!! Yo creo que te va a encantar a ti y a tu familia.

themonster said...

Las maletas hechas y va a empezar la accion a un mundo animado, mucha suerte!!

y eres un ejemplo para nosotros los dominicanos!!

si tienes tiempo y cuando tengas, puedes darnos esa gran noticia a los integrantes de foro de, ahora

desde rep├║blica dominicana para el mundo!!!

Laura "Sko" said...

Hey Ares!!! Hope everything is going well for you out there!

Someone "tagged" me, and now I've chosen you, bwahahaha.
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Hope you had a happy 4th. ;)


Laura "Sko" said...

Hey Ares! Hope life is going great for you over there! Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

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fastload said...

hi, hola digo jejej
man soy de republica dominicana tambien y estoy viviendo en pennsylvania, ahora soy dise;ador grafico y estudio por mi cuenta vfx, man, estoy desesperado, quiero ir a la universidad y realmente lo que quiero es felicitarte pq ya veo que hay 2 dominicanos donde io y mi mejor amigo so;amos estar.